Sunswt, old wooden fishing boat on the sea with a lighthouse on the background jpg


oil on canvas, hoops, bike, sign, wall, graffiti


Blonde, Woman's back, red cloth jpg
Still life of tamarillos with Asian bowl and bronze vases jpg



“The main motive of my work is the dialog of opposites: light-shade; colour-grayscale; empty-full;

flat-texture; front-back, sense-non-sense, all combining with a subtle harmony.”

His influences range in depth and subject, including the masters Michelangelo, Raphael, Rembrandt and Dali. The delicate quality of his meditative compositions evidently reflect the weight of these influences upon both his hand and his mind during their creation. The careful attention to light and form is evident throughout each painting.

And although Cardozo has never stepped foot on a stage, he manages to perform an amazing feat by entrancing viewers without the need for any extraneous bells and whistles. His work is provocative, sensual, and original without having to resort to any of the hyperbole often found in contemporary art.

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